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W·P·S Historic Project Experience

KEY PROJECT FEATURES: WPS designed full HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services for a new addition. A sprinkler system was provided for the entire building without an adverse effect on the historic fabric. The engineering design allowed for the sharp swings in water pressure inherent in the city mains, to avoid false fire alarm signals. A new fire sprinkler service was brought into the basement at the front left corner of the building. The two upper floors are now used as a museum. The lower floors are rented for weddings and other functions.

Located in Congress Park in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY, the Canfield Casino served the region as an entertainment and social gathering center for generations. During more recent decades, the building has served as a museum and social event institution. Mary Lou Whitney holds her annual "theme gala" at the beginning of the thoroughbred racing season here.
This picture (left) shows the new handicapped access ramp and new lobby (on the left side of the picture). W·P·S designed the air conditioning, plumbing, electric, and fire protection for this addition.
This picture (right) shows the inside of the dome, which is typical of the intricate historic fabric into which the new fire protection sprinklers were interfaced.

PROJECT PERFORMED BY W·P·S Principal Henry Shouse, P.E.
This historic building, located at 17th and Pennsylvania Avenue, across from The White House, was originally the U.S. Court of Claims. The adaptation to a museum presented challenges in interweaving new mechanical and electrical systems without adversely affecting the historic fabric of this building
Built-up air conditioning systems were designed to fit into narrow areas that had previously been used for law book stacks, and were not adaptable to museum purposes. Temperature and humidity are closely controlled year round, to maintain the strict requirements for the collections housed here.
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